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Reebok is a global athletic footwear, apparel, and accessories brand that has a significant presence in the sports industry. Here are some key details about Reebok:

  1. History: Reebok was founded in 1958 in the United Kingdom by Joe and Jeff Foster. Originally, the company focused on producing spiked running shoes. It gained popularity in the 1980s and 1990s with its innovative athletic footwear and its association with fitness and aerobics trends.
  2. Products: Reebok offers a wide range of products, including athletic footwear, apparel, and accessories, catering to various sports and fitness activities. The brand has a presence in multiple categories, such as running, training, basketball, tennis, and lifestyle.
  3. Acquired by Adidas: In 2005, the company was acquired by Adidas, another prominent sportswear brand. Since then, the company has operated as a subsidiary of Adidas, maintaining its distinct identity within the athletic market.
  4. Fitness and CrossFit: Reebok has been closely associated with fitness and cross-training activities. The brand has developed partnerships with fitness professionals, trainers, and CrossFit communities, releasing specialized footwear, apparel, and equipment for these disciplines.
  5. Partnerships and Endorsements: The company has collaborated with various athletes, sports teams, and celebrities over the years. Notable partnerships include associations with basketball players such as Allen Iverson and Shaquille O’Neal, as well as collaborations with UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship) for MMA-related products.
  6. Sustainability Efforts: Reebok has made efforts to enhance sustainability in its operations. The company has introduced sustainable materials, such as recycled polyester and plant-based alternatives, in its product lines. the company has also launched initiatives to reduce waste and carbon emissions.



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