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Lions International – Tagum City

Lions International is a worldwide service organization that strives to engage volunteers in serving their communities and making the world a better place. In Tagum City, there is a local chapter of the organization called the Lions Club of Tagum City.

The group is committed to executing charitable projects and community service initiatives that address a range of issues, including poverty, hunger, education, and health.

The Lions Club of Tagum City also collaborates with other local organizations to create a more significant impact and generate positive change in the community.

Melvin Jones, a Chicago businessman, established Lions International in 1917. The organization’s primary objective is to empower volunteers to serve their communities and enhance the world by addressing various social and humanitarian problems.

Lions International has more than 1.4 million members in over 200 countries globally. Members engage in projects and initiatives in areas such as youth empowerment, health, hunger relief, vision, and the environment.

The Lions Clubs International Foundation (LCIF) is one of the organization’s notable initiatives. It is a charitable organization that funds various projects and grants worldwide, ranging from disaster relief to education programs. LCIF has donated over $1 billion to various initiatives since its founding in 1968.

Lions International also operates several programs to promote youth empowerment, such as the Lions Quest program, which aims to teach young people life skills and encourage positive behavior. Additionally, the organization runs the Leo Club Program, a youth-led initiative that provides opportunities for young people to participate in community service and develop leadership skills.

Overall, Lions International is a well-respected global organization that is committed to improving the lives of individuals worldwide through community service and humanitarian projects.


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