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Archery Target Face

Archery Target Face – Tagum City

An archery target face is a specific type of target used in the sport of archery. It is a circular sheet of paper or fabric that is affixed to a target frame or placed on a designated target area. The target face serves as a visual reference for archers to aim at and score points during practice sessions or competitions.

It is divided into different concentric circles, each representing a scoring zone. The centermost circle is called the bullseye or gold, and it typically carries the highest point value. As the circles radiate outward, the point values decrease, providing a scoring system that rewards accuracy and precision.

The outermost ring of the target face is often referred to as the white or background color, while the rings closer to the center may have different colors to aid visibility and differentiation between scoring zones. Common colors used for the rings include black, blue, red, and yellow.

The target face may also include additional markings or designs, such as vertical and horizontal lines to help archers align their shots or specific symbols and numbers for identification purposes. These markings provide reference points and assist archers in aiming and adjusting their shots accordingly.

Different types of archery disciplines and competitions may have specific requirements for target face size and scoring configurations. For example, in Olympic-style target archery, the target face has a diameter of 122 centimeters (48 inches) and features ten concentric rings.

The archery target face is an essential component of the sport, providing a standardized and consistent target for archers to aim at during training or competitions. It helps archers refine their skills, improve accuracy, and measure their performance based on the scoring zones. Whether used for recreational archery or professional competitions, the target face plays a vital role in the pursuit of precision and skill development in archery.



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