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Spalding – Tagum City

Spalding is a well-known brand that specializes in manufacturing and distributing sports equipment, primarily in the field of basketball. The company has a long history dating back to 1876 and has become a prominent name in the world of sports.

It is particularly recognized for its basketballs, which are used in both professional and recreational settings. They have been the official ball supplier for the National Basketball Association (NBA) since 1983. Spalding basketballs are known for their high-quality construction, superior grip, and excellent performance characteristics.

Aside from basketballs, Spalding also produces a wide range of other sports equipment and products. They manufacture equipment for sports such as volleyball, soccer, American football, baseball, softball, golf, and more. These include balls, sports accessories, protective gear, training aids, and athletic apparel.

Spalding’s commitment to innovation and technology has led to the development of various groundbreaking products. They continually strive to improve their equipment, incorporating advanced materials, designs, and manufacturing processes. This focus on innovation has allowed Spalding to stay at the forefront of the sports equipment industry.

In addition to its product offerings, Spalding is also involved in sponsorships and partnerships with professional athletes, leagues, and teams. The brand’s logo is prominently displayed on basketball courts, and Spalding products are commonly used in professional games and tournaments around the world.

Overall, Spalding is recognized for its high-quality sports equipment, with basketballs being its most notable product. The brand’s commitment to performance, durability, and innovation has solidified its position as a trusted and respected name in the world of sports.



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