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Gawad Kalasag

Gawad Kalasag – Tagum City

Gawad Kalasag, which translates to “Shield Award” in English, is an award given in the Philippines to recognize outstanding contributions and achievements in the field of disaster risk reduction and management (DRRM). The award is organized by the National Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Council (NDRRMC) and is aimed at promoting excellence, innovation, and best practices in disaster resilience and response.

Here are some key points:

  1. Objectives: The primary objectives of Gawad Kalasag are to give recognition and honor to individuals, organizations, local government units (LGUs), private sector entities, and communities that have shown exceptional commitment and significant achievements in DRRM initiatives.
  2. Award Categories: Gawad Kalasag has several award categories, including:
    • Best Local DRRM Council
    • Best DRRM-Adaptive School
    • Best DRRM-Adaptive Government Facility
    • Best Non-Government Organization (NGO)
    • Best People’s Organization (PO)
    • Best Civil Society Organization (CSO)
    • Best Volunteer Group
    • Best DRRM-Adaptive Indigenous Community
    • Best Media Group
    • Best Youth Organization
    • Best Public-Private Partnership (PPP) Initiative
    • Special Recognition for Foreign Donor
    The award categories may vary each year, depending on the NDRRMC’s guidelines and criteria.
  3. Evaluation and Selection: The selection process for Gawad Kalasag involves a rigorous evaluation of the nominees based on their achievements, innovations, effectiveness of their programs or projects, community participation, sustainability, and impact in DRRM. Evaluations are conducted by a panel of experts from various government agencies, academe, and relevant stakeholders.
  4. Recognition and Awarding: Finalists and winners of Gawad Kalasag are recognized and awarded during a formal ceremony organized by the NDRRMC. The awarding event aims to showcase and share the best practices and success stories of the awardees to inspire others in the field of DRRM.
  5. Promoting Best Practices: Gawad Kalasag serves as a platform to promote and disseminate best practices in disaster resilience and response. The recognition given to awardees encourages the replication and adoption of their successful approaches across different regions and sectors in the Philippines.

Gawad Kalasag plays a significant role in raising awareness about the importance of disaster risk reduction and management in the Philippines. It acknowledges the efforts of individuals and organizations in building resilient communities and highlights their contributions to the overall disaster resilience of the nation.



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