A basketball court is a recreational area specifically designed for playing the sport of basketball. They typically consist of a flat playing surface, marked with boundary lines and divided into two halves by a midcourt line. The court features a hoop and backboard on each end, where players attempt to score points by shooting the basketball through the opposing team’s hoop.

It can be found in various locations, including:

  1. Public Parks: Many parks have basketball courts that are open for public use. These are often free or require a small fee for usage.
  2. Community Centers: Some community centers or sports complexes have basketball courts available for use by community members. These facilities may have designated hours or require reservations.
  3. Schools and Universities: Educational institutions typically have basketball courts as part of their sports facilities. While some courts may be restricted for school use, others may be open to the public during non-school hours.
  4. Sports Clubs and Gyms: Private sports clubs and fitness centers often have indoor or outdoor basketball courts available for their members.

The City of Tagum is home to many of these sports facilities, namely:

Local Government Unit (LGU)

  • Barangay Mankilam
  • Barangay San Miguel Gym
  • Barangay Apokon
  • Barangay La Filipina
  • Barangay Visayan Village Basketball Court
  • RDR Gym
  • Rotary Club Basketball Court
  • Purok Banana Basketball Court
  • Buhai Basketball Court
  • Suaybaguio North Gym

Private Organization

  • Robinsons Place Tagum’s Skydeck Basketball Court
  • Big 8 Corporate Hotel
  • Purok Garcia Gym
  • Purok RTU Gym
  • Lynville
  • Dreamville
  • NEOS Gym

Rotary Basketball Court


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