New Balance is a renowned global brand specializing in athletic footwear, apparel, and accessories. Here’s some information about New Balance:

  1. History: New Balance was founded in 1906 in Boston, Massachusetts, United States. Originally named the “New Balance Arch Support Company,” it started by manufacturing arch support inserts and orthopedic shoes. Over time, the company expanded into athletic footwear.
  2. Commitment to Fit and Quality: The company emphasizes the importance of fit and offers a wide range of shoe sizes and widths, catering to individuals with different foot shapes and needs. The brand prides itself on producing high-quality products known for durability and comfort.
  3. Core Sports and Activities: New Balance is involved in various sports and activities, with a focus on running, walking, training, and lifestyle footwear. The company offers shoes designed for different running styles, from road running to trail running, as well as specialized shoes for track and field events.
  4. Performance Innovation: The company continually strives for innovation in its footwear and apparel. The brand incorporates technologies such as Fresh Foam, FuelCell, and REVlite in its running shoes to provide cushioning, responsiveness, and support. It also collaborates with athletes and sports scientists to develop new advancements.
  5. Sponsorships and Partnerships: New Balance has sponsored and partnered with numerous athletes, sports teams, and events. The brand has endorsed notable athletes such as sprinter Trayvon Bromell, middle-distance runner Jenny Simpson, and tennis player Milos Raonic. The company has also sponsored several professional soccer teams and became the official kit supplier for Liverpool FC in 2015.
  6. Commitment to Sustainability: New Balance has undertaken initiatives to promote sustainability. The company focuses on reducing its environmental impact by incorporating sustainable materials, optimizing manufacturing processes, and implementing recycling programs.



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