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Yamaha Motorcycle Price List (2022)

Tagum City is home to Yamaha motorcycle distributors such as Motorhub Corporation, MotorTrade, LYR, and Yamaha Bykelink Motor Inc.

Yamaha Motorcycle Price List

Brand and ModelSuggested Retail Price (SRP)
Yamaha NMaxPHP 109,000.00
Yamaha Mio AeroxPHP 102,900.00
Yamaha Mio GravisPHP 85,900.00
Yamaha YZF-R15PHP 164,000.00
Yamaha Sniper 150PHP 102,000.00
Yamaha Mio I125PHP 71,000.00
Yamaha MT-15PHP 159,000.00
Yamaha Mio SportyPHP 71,400.00
Yamaha Mio XMAXPHP 249,000.00
Yamaha Mio Soul I125PHP 79,000.00
Yamaha FZiPHP 99,000.00
Yamaha SZPHP 69,000.00
Yamaha YZF-R3PHP 259,000.00
Yamaha TricityPHP 146,000.00
Yamaha YTX 125PHP 49,900.00
Yamaha Vega Force iPHP 68,200.000
Yamaha SightPHP 59,900.00
Yamaha XTZ 125PHP 84,900.00
Yamaha Serow 250PHP 229,000.00
Yamaha Mio GearPHP 79,900.00
Yamaha Mio Aerox 155PHP 112,900.00
Yamaha MT-03PHP 254,000.00
Yamaha XSR155PHP 162,000.00
Yamaha Sight 115PHP 62,900.00
Yamaha Sniper 155PHP 120,900.00
Yamaha WR155RPHP 169,000.00
Yamaha Motorcycle Price List 2021


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