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Game Farm – Tagum City

A game farm is a place where the following are held and taken cared of:

  • Gamefowl Chicken for cockfighting / sabong such as kanawayon, cocks, and stags
  • Native Chicken
  • Hogs
  • Rabbits

It might also manufacture and sell chicken nets, and battery cages. A game farm is managed by a main handler, farm manager, farm hands, gaffer, releaser, brains, partner breeder and financier.


Tagum City is home to many game farm namely:

  • Lucky Kids Game Farm
  • Raptor Game Farm
  • JCM Game Farm
  • Kingeagle Game Farm
  • ES Game Farm
  • LYR Game Farm
  • JJE Southstar Farm
  • AFN Game Farm



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