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BFP Official Logo Patch

BFP Official Logo Patch – Tagum City

The Bureau of Fire Protection (BFP) Official Logo Patch is a small embroidered emblem that is worn by BFP personnel on their uniforms. The patch typically features the official logo of the BFP, which consists of a blue shield with a red and yellow flame, symbolizing the agency’s role in fire prevention and suppression.

The logo also includes the BFP acronym in white letters, and the words “Fire Protection” in smaller white letters beneath it. The patch is usually worn on the upper arm or chest of BFP uniforms and is a symbol of the wearer’s affiliation with the agency.

BFP personnel may also wear other patches on their uniforms to signify their rank or position within the organization. These patches may include the rank insignia patch, which displays the individual’s rank within the BFP, and the unit patch, which displays the name or logo of the specific fire station or unit to which the individual belongs.

Overall, the patch is an important symbol of the Bureau of Fire Protection and is worn by BFP personnel to signify their affiliation with the agency and their commitment to fire prevention and suppression.



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