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Geely GX3 Pro – Tagum City

The Geely GX3 Pro is an updated version of the Geely GX3 compact crossover SUV produced by Geely Automobile, a Chinese automotive manufacturer. The GX3 Pro is an evolution of the original GX3 model, and it features various improvements and enhancements. Here are some key features and details about the Geely GX3 Pro:

  1. Design: It retains the distinctive and sporty design of the original GX3, with its compact dimensions and open-top layout. It still features a two-seat configuration and a unique body style that resembles a compact off-road vehicle or a dune buggy.
  2. Engine and Transmission: It is typically equipped with a small-displacement gasoline engine, similar to the original GX3 model. The engine is mated to a manual transmission, offering drivers direct control over gear changes.
  3. Safety and Features: As an updated version of the GX3, it may offer some improvements in safety features and technology compared to its predecessor. It might include basic safety equipment, such as airbags and standard safety systems.
  4. Market Availability: Like the original GX3, it was primarily intended for the Chinese market. Geely aimed to provide an affordable and fun-to-drive compact crossover for urban drivers in China.
  5. Global Expansion: Geely has been expanding its global presence, and some of its models have been introduced in international markets. However, as of my last update, specific details about the global availability of the GX3 Pro were not widely available.



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