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Jaecoo 7

Jaecoo 7 – Tagum City

The Jaecoo 7, a compact crossover SUV, has been in production by Chery since 2023, bearing the Jaecoo brand for markets outside of China. Initially unveiled as the Chery TJ-1 C-DM prototype at Auto Shanghai 2023, it subsequently became available under two distinct names: the Chery Explore 06 for the Chinese domestic market and the Jaecoo 7 for international export markets.

Thanks to its advanced suspension and traction control system, the Jaecoo 7 effortlessly conquered the Gobi Desert’s challenging dunes, maintaining a dust- and dirt-free interior.

Jaecoo assures that diverse terrains pose no obstacle to this vehicle, thanks to its intelligent off-road system, which guarantees both outstanding performance and precise SUV control, minimizing the risk of getting stuck.

For added convenience on rugged terrain, the Jaecoo 7 boasts a 540-degree transparent chassis feature, offering clear visibility of the surroundings and what lies beneath the SUV.

Jaecoo has announced that the Jaecoo 7’s next destination is the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau in China, where it will undergo testing at an impressive altitude of 5,200 meters above sea level.



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