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Mercedes-Benz EQ – Tagum City

Mercedes-Benz Philippines is embarking on an electric vehicle (EV) journey, as the renowned German automaker has officially outlined its plans to introduce a fresh EQC/EQE model to the Philippine market on September 20. Although the precise model name remains undisclosed, all indicators strongly point to its integration within Mercedes-Benz‘s EQ series of electric vehicles.

Strong hints suggest that this forthcoming addition may take the form of a crossover, in alignment with the robust demand for such vehicles in the local market. Globally, Mercedes-Benz presents an expansive array of options within its EQ lineup, encompassing the EQA, EQB, EQC, EQV, EQS, and EQE, each accompanied by its corresponding crossover iteration.

While the specific EQ model remains veiled in secrecy, ensuring that the right one debuts in the country represent a pivotal milestone for Mercedes-Benz, potentially unlocking the gateway for the introduction of their other EV offerings. Mercedes-Benz Philippines has provided a teaser glimpse of the forthcoming EV model, offering subtle clues to narrow down the possibilities.

Although the image refrains from divulging extensive details, it provides a tantalizing peek at the vehicle’s frontal aesthetics, showcasing wrap-around LED daytime running lights, a distinctive bumper and grille, and an emblem prominently adorning the front fascia. Drawing upon the available evidence, our most discerning conjecture leans toward the likelihood of the upcoming model is the EQC crossover.

On the contrary, alternative reports posit that the imminent model might manifest as the Mercedes-Benz EQE crossover. It is noteworthy, however, that it lacks the characteristic curved element beneath the headlight, typically tapering towards the car’s grille area.

As Mercedes-Benz Philippines diligently maintains a shroud of secrecy surrounding the release, anticipation builds for the official unveiling of the German automaker’s inaugural electric vehicle.



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