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Nissan Urvan – Tagum City

Nissan Urvan is a model of minivan or van manufactured by the Japanese automaker Nissan. It is designed for commercial use and is popular for various purposes, including passenger transportation and cargo carrying.

Key Features of the Nissan Urvan:

  1. Spacious Interior: It is known for its spacious interior, making it suitable for transporting passengers or carrying cargo. Depending on the model and configuration, it can accommodate a significant number of passengers or provide ample space for goods.
  2. Versatility: It is versatile and can be used for a range of applications, such as public transportation, airport shuttles, delivery services, and even as a camper van with custom modifications.
  3. Reliable Performance: Nissan typically equips the Urvan with durable and reliable engines, ensuring good performance and efficiency for commercial use.
  4. Comfort and Amenities: While the Urvan is primarily designed for commercial use, some models may offer basic comfort and convenience features for passengers, such as air conditioning, power windows, and entertainment systems.
  5. Safety Features: Depending on the region and model year, the Nissan Urvan may come equipped with standard safety features like airbags, an anti-lock braking system (ABS), and electronic stability control (ESC) to enhance safety during travel.
  6. Multiple Variants: The Nissan Urvan is available in different configurations, including various seating capacities and wheelbase options, catering to the specific needs of different markets and customers.



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