SAIC Motor Corporation Limited, commonly referred to as SAIC Motor, is a Chinese state-owned automotive manufacturing company headquartered in Shanghai, China. It is one of the largest automotive companies in China and a major player in the global automotive industry. SAIC Motor was founded in 1955 and has since grown to become a key player in the Chinese and international automotive markets.

Key aspects of SAIC Motor’s business include:

  1. Automotive Manufacturing: It is involved in the manufacturing of a wide range of vehicles, including passenger cars, commercial vehicles, and new energy vehicles (NEVs) such as electric vehicles (EVs) and plug-in hybrid vehicles (PHEVs).
  2. Joint Ventures: It has formed joint ventures with several international automotive companies to expand its reach and expertise. Notably, it has joint ventures with General Motors (SAIC-GM), Volkswagen (SAIC Volkswagen), and others.
  3. Brands: It owns various automotive brands, including MG Motor, Roewe, Maxus (formerly known as LDV), and others. These brands cater to different market segments and help SAIC Motor achieve a diverse product portfolio.
  4. New Energy Vehicles: SAIC Motor has been actively investing in and producing new energy vehicles, including electric cars and hybrid vehicles, to capitalize on the growing demand for environmentally friendly transportation solutions.
  5. Research and Development: The company invests heavily in research and development to innovate in the automotive sector. It focuses on autonomous driving technology, connected cars, and advanced mobility solutions.
  6. Global Presence: SAIC Motor has a global presence, exporting vehicles to various countries and establishing partnerships with international companies to expand its market reach beyond China.

SAIC Motor’s growth and success are attributed to its commitment to quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction. The company’s large-scale production capabilities, extensive product offerings, and strategic partnerships have helped it maintain a strong position in the competitive automotive market.



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