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Toyota Hiace

Toyota Hiace – Tagum City

The Toyota Hiace is a light commercial van produced by the Japanese automaker Toyota. It has been in production since 1967 and is currently in its sixth generation. The Hiace is widely used as a passenger van, cargo van, and ambulance in many countries around the world.

The Hiace features a spacious and practical interior with various seating configurations, making it a popular choice for public transport and commercial use. It is known for its reliability, durability, and low maintenance costs.

The current generation of the Hiace offers a range of engine options, including diesel and gasoline engines with various displacements. It also offers various transmission options, including manual and automatic transmissions. The Hiace is available in different body styles, including standard and long wheelbase options.

In addition to its commercial use, the Hiace is also a popular choice for personal use, especially for families with large numbers of members or for outdoor enthusiasts who need to transport large equipment. Its reputation for reliability and durability has made it a long-standing favorite among Toyota enthusiasts.



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