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Memorial Parks, Funeral Homes and Cemeteries – Tagum City

Tagum City boasts a plethora of public and private memorial parks, funeral homes, crematoriums, and cemeteries.

Funeral Home: A funeral home, also known as a funeral parlor or mortuary, is a facility that provides services related to the care, preparation, and handling of deceased individuals. Funeral homes often offer services such as embalming, viewing rooms for visitations, arranging funeral ceremonies, and coordinating the transportation of the deceased. They provide a space for families to gather and pay their respects to the departed before the funeral or burial takes place.

Memorial Park: A memorial park, also referred to as a cemetery park or memorial gardens, is a landscaped area designed for the interment of deceased individuals. It typically consists of well-maintained grounds with gardens, pathways, and memorial structures. Memorial parks provide burial spaces in the form of plots or niches for the placement of cremated remains. They are often designed to provide a peaceful and serene environment for remembrance and contemplation.

Crematorium: A crematorium is a facility specifically designed for the cremation of deceased individuals. It is equipped with cremation chambers, also known as cremators or retorts, where bodies are respectfully and carefully incinerated at high temperatures. Crematoriums ensure the proper handling of the deceased and the respectful disposal of cremated remains, also known as ashes or cremains. They may also provide spaces for memorial services or gatherings before or after the cremation process.

Cemetery: A cemetery is a designated area or land set aside for the burial of deceased individuals. It is a place where graves or burial plots are located. Cemeteries can be public or private and may be associated with specific religious or cultural practices. They provide a final resting place for the deceased and often have regulations and guidelines for the placement and maintenance of graves. Cemeteries may include various sections, such as traditional burial grounds, mausoleums, columbaria for cremated remains, and memorial structures.

Some notable establishments in the city include:



  • St. Peter Chapels
  • Topaz Funeral Home
  • Cosmopolitan Memorial Chapel
  • Rubio Funeral Homes and Services
  • Tagum Cooperative Funeral Care (FuneCare)
  • Woodhaven Chapels and Crematorium


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