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Dart Pin

Dart Pin – Tagum City

A dart pin, also known simply as a “dart,” is the sharp-tipped projectile that players use in the game of darts. Darts is a popular pub game and a professional sport played around the world, where players aim to throw darts at a circular dartboard to score points.

Key features of a dart pin include:

  1. Tip: The tip of a dart pin is usually made of steel and is very sharp to stick into the dartboard’s surface. The sharp tip ensures the dart sticks securely to the board when thrown accurately.
  2. Barrel: The barrel is the main body of the dart and is typically made from various materials, such as tungsten, brass, or nickel-silver. Tungsten is a popular material due to its high density, allowing for a slimmer and more streamlined dart design.
  3. Flight: The flight is the feather-shaped component located at the back end of the dart. It helps stabilize the dart during flight, keeping it on a straight trajectory. Flights come in different shapes and sizes, affecting the dart’s flight characteristics.
  4. Shaft: The shaft is the portion that connects the barrel to the flight. It can be made from various materials, such as aluminum, nylon, or carbon fiber. The length and shape of the shaft can influence the dart’s stability and balance in the air.

Dart pins come in various weights and styles, allowing players to choose darts that suit their throwing style and preferences. The weight of a dart is typically measured in grams, with common weights ranging from 18 to 26 grams for steel-tipped darts.

When playing darts, the objective is to score points by hitting specific areas on the dartboard. The most common dartboard used in the game of darts is the “clock” dartboard, which has numbered sections representing different point values. Players aim to hit higher-scoring sections like the triple ring or bullseye to accumulate points and reduce their score from a starting value (usually 501 or 301) to zero. The player who reaches zero by exactly finishing on a double or the bullseye is declared the winner.

Darts is a game of skill, precision, and strategy, and it can be enjoyed both casually in social settings and competitively in professional tournaments.



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