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Division Schools Press Conference

Division Schools Press Conference (DSPC) – Tagum City

The Division Schools Press Conference (DSPC) is an annual event held in many educational divisions or districts in the Philippines. It serves as a platform for student journalists and campus journalists to showcase their skills, compete with their peers, and demonstrate their knowledge in various areas of journalism.

The DSPC typically involves students from elementary and secondary schools who have undergone training in journalism and have qualified at school-level competitions. The event aims to promote responsible and ethical journalism among students while encouraging their creativity, critical thinking, and communication skills.

During the Division Schools Press Conference, students participate in different contests related to journalism. These contests may include news writing, feature writing, editorial writing, sports writing, copyreading and headline writing, photojournalism, and broadcasting, among others. Participants are evaluated based on their understanding of journalistic principles, writing style, creativity, and adherence to established guidelines.

The conference provides an opportunity for student journalists to exchange ideas, learn from one another, and receive feedback from seasoned journalists and educators who serve as judges and mentors. It also helps students develop their teamwork and leadership skills as they work together in producing quality outputs within specified time limits.

Winners and top performers at the Division Schools Press Conference may advance to higher levels of competition, such as the Regional Schools Press Conference (RSPC) and the National Schools Press Conference (NSPC). The RSPC gathers winners from various divisions within a region, while the NSPC brings together outstanding campus journalists from all over the country.

Participating in this event allows students to enhance their journalistic skills, build their confidence, and gain recognition for their talent and hard work. It also serves as a platform for identifying young talents who may pursue careers in journalism, media, or related fields in the future.



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