The Regional Schools Press Conference (RSPC) is an event organized for student journalists from different schools within a specific region or district. It is a gathering where student writers, editors, and broadcasters showcase their skills and compete against each other in various journalism categories.

The primary objective of the RSPC is to promote and enhance journalism skills among students, encouraging them to develop their talents in news writing, feature writing, editorial writing, sports writing, and other forms of journalistic expression. The conference typically includes competitions, workshops, seminars, and networking opportunities for participants.

During the RSPC, students may compete individually or as part of their school’s delegation. They may present their work to a panel of judges, who assess their content, writing style, grammar, and overall journalistic abilities. Awards and recognitions are often given to outstanding participants in each category, and the winning schools may advance to higher-level competitions, such as the Division Schools Press Conference (DSPC) or the National Schools Press Conference (NSPC), depending on the organizational structure in their country or region.

Overall, the Regional Schools Press Conference aims to foster camaraderie, skill development, and healthy competition among student journalists, promoting the importance of responsible and accurate reporting within educational institutions.

RSPC Awarding Ceremony


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