Futsal is a variation of association football that is typically played indoors on a smaller pitch. The name futsal is derived from the Portuguese words “futebol de salão”, which means “indoor football”. The sport utilizes a smaller and heavier ball than traditional soccer, which requires players to demonstrate more skillful ball handling and control.

Futsal is played between two teams of five players each, including a goalkeeper. The smaller playing area and reduced team size create a faster-paced game with more emphasis on individual skills, ball control, and quick decision-making. The sport is played globally and has gained popularity as a training ground for young players to develop their skills, as well as a recreational and competitive activity for adults.

In Tagum City, Philippines, futsal is a popular sport with several venues available for players. The Tagum City Sports Complex in Barangay Apokon has several indoor futsal courts available for rent, while Energy Park, also located in Barangay Apokon, offers another option for players. Rizal Memorial Colleges Gymnasium in R. Magsaysay St. also hosts local futsal tournaments and events. Please note that this list may not be exhaustive and there may be other futsal venues in Tagum City that are not included. It is recommended to confirm the availability and rental fees with the respective venues before visiting.

As the governing body for football in Davao del Norte, DavNor RFA‘s primary focus is on football. However, it is possible that they also support futsal as it is a variation of football and has gained popularity in recent years.