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Rubio Memorial Services – Tagum City

Rubio Memorial Services (also known as Rubio Funeral Homes and Services) operates as a funeral service provider in Tagum City, Davao Del Norte. The company offers funeral arrangements, cremation services, memorial services, and other related services, and has been providing compassionate and dignified services to families during times of loss for several decades.

In addition, Rubio Memorial Services provides personalized and affordable funeral services that can be customized to meet the unique needs and preferences of each family. The company offers a range of funeral packages and services that can fit any budget or cultural tradition. Furthermore, their trained professionals are dedicated to providing compassionate care and support to families during their time of need. They work closely with families to ensure that every detail of the funeral service is taken care of and that their loved one is honored and remembered in a meaningful way.

Overall, Rubio Memorial Services is committed to helping families through the difficult process of saying goodbye to a loved one and is a trusted and respected funeral service provider.


  • Funeral Care provides services for handling the funeral of a deceased individual
  • Interment refers to the burial or entombment of the deceased
  • Holy Mass for the Departed is a religious service that is held in honor of the deceased individual


Purok Rosal, Barangay Visayan Village, Tagum City, Davao del Norte


Mobile Number:

  • 0922 857 8246
  • 0917 773 8112

Telephone Number:

  • (084) 216 6763
  • (084) 216 4360
  • (084) 655 2195
  • (084) 225 6464

Email Address: [email protected]


Facebook: rubiotagum



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