The City General Services Office (CGSO) is a department or office typically found within local government units in the Philippines. The CGSO is responsible for managing and overseeing various general services provided by the city government.

The specific responsibilities and functions of a CGSO can vary depending on the city and its organizational structure. However, some common areas that fall under the purview of a CGSO may include:

  1. Procurement and Supply Management: The CGSO is often involved in the procurement of goods, services, and equipment needed by various city departments. This includes sourcing suppliers, evaluating bids, and ensuring transparency and adherence to procurement regulations.
  2. Asset Management: The CGSO may be responsible for managing the city’s assets, including buildings, vehicles, and equipment. This includes maintenance, repairs, and inventory management to ensure that assets are properly utilized and maintained.
  3. Waste Management: Many CGSOs oversee waste management services within the city. This can include managing garbage collection, disposal, recycling programs, and promoting sustainable waste management practices.
  4. Transportation and Fleet Management: In some cases, the CGSO may manage the city’s transportation services and fleet of vehicles. This can involve maintaining and managing the city’s vehicle fleet, coordinating vehicle assignments, and ensuring proper maintenance and repairs.
  5. Facilities and Maintenance: The CGSO may be responsible for the maintenance and upkeep of city-owned facilities, such as government offices, parks, public buildings, and other infrastructure.



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