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National Food Authority

National Food Authority – Tagum City

The National Food Authority (NFA) is a government agency under the Department of Agriculture in the Philippines that operates at the national level. While it does not have a specific branch or office in Tagum City, its policies and programs have an impact on the city’s agricultural sector and food supply.

In Tagum City, as in other parts of the country, the NFA’s initiatives and regulations influence the production, distribution, and pricing of rice, which is a key staple in the Filipino diet. The NFA sets policies related to rice procurement, buffer stock management, price stabilization, and importation, which can affect the local rice industry and the availability of affordable rice for the residents of Tagum City.

Local rice farmers in Tagum City may participate in NFA programs for rice procurement, whereby the agency purchases palay at government-set support prices to support farmers and ensure stable incomes. This helps maintain the availability of rice and stabilize prices in the local market.

Moreover, the NFA’s efforts in monitoring rice supply and prices on a national level also indirectly impact Tagum City. By managing the overall rice market and intervening during times of supply shortage or price fluctuations, the NFA contributes to the stability and accessibility of rice in Tagum City and other areas across the country.



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