In the lively city of Tagum, there are lots of schools for little kids, like kindergartens. They’re places where young children can have fun, make friends, and learn new things. Let’s take a look at some of the awesome kindergarten schools you can find in Tagum City!

  • Assumpta School of Tagum
  • Newfoundland Arts and Science Academy of Tagum
  • Tagum SDA Kindergarten School, Inc
  • St. Lorenzo Ruiz Academy of Tagum, Inc.
  • Mangga Elementary School
  • Laureta Homes Child Development Center
  • RVC San Miguel Child Development Center
  • San Miguel Child Development Center
  • Letran De Davao
  • Tagum United Methodist Children’s Learning Center, Incorporated
  • Secdea Science Academy of Tagum
  • Little Footprints Tutorial Services



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