Lechon Baboy – Tagum City

The City of Tagum is home to many lechon baboy (aka litson or letson baboy) suppliers, namely:

  • COI’S Restaurante – Boneless Lechon
  • Balon’s Lechon Tagum
  • Boy’s Lechon Tagum
  • Necitas Lechon
  • Alyzia’s Food Package
  • Eduardo’s Kitchen
  • AL’s Lechon Baboy
  • Melan’s Native Lechon / Max’s Native Lechon Baboy
  • DC Lechon Hauz
  • Dennis Lechon
  • Juneil’s Lechon
  • Leo’s Lechon Baboy
  • Tums Letchon Package

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