Landscaping companies in Tagum City provide a range of services for residential and commercial properties, including garden design, plant installation, and maintenance. Custom designs can be created to fit any budget and style using various plants and materials.

Hardscaping services, such as outdoor structure installation, may also be offered. Irrigation systems and lawn care services are available to keep outdoor spaces healthy. Landscaping consultations are offered for advice and recommendations on improving current landscapes. The right landscaping company can transform outdoor spaces into beautiful and functional areas for long-term enjoyment.

Many gardening and landscaping suppliers are located in the City of Tagum, including:

  • CJR Landscaping Services
  • Caladium Rare/Hybrid Tagum
  • Onyot/chukie Landscape Design
  • Nida’s Flower Garden & Landscaping
  • Lloyd Lauganas Landscaping
  • Lime’s Landscape Design
  • Lauganas Flower Garden & Land Scaping Services
  • Lloyd Landscaper
  • Laria’s Flower Shop & Landscaping Services