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Energy Park – Tagum City

EPark, also known as Energy Park, is Tagum City’s largest public park, covering 25 hectares of land. The park offers an open space for a range of recreational activities and facilities, including biking, picnics, football, jogging/running, and areas for family, friends, or corporate gatherings.

The park features an ideal jogging and bike trail, making it a perfect spot for those who enjoy running, cycling, or walking in a scenic environment. Families can also enjoy the playground area for children, making it a fantastic family-friendly spot.

At night, the park’s large fountain creates a beautiful display, becoming a popular spot for photo-taking and relaxing while enjoying the view. Additionally, various food stalls and vendors in the park offer a range of snacks and refreshments, and the park has a stage area for events and performances during festivals and celebrations.

Fitness enthusiasts can take advantage of the park’s outdoor gym area, featuring various exercise equipment, such as a pull-up bar, dip bars, and benches.

In summary, Energy Park is a popular destination in Tagum City, Philippines, offering something for everyone with its various facilities and activities. The park has no entrance fee, and locals and tourists alike are welcome to visit and enjoy its amenities.


  • Mini Forest Park
  • Biking Area (i.e. Mountain Bike, Japanese Bike with Basket)
  • Picnic Area
  • Camping Area
  • Football Field
  • Walking / Jogging / Running Area
  • Open Space or Lawn Area for any gathering
  • Gazeebo
  • Scouting / Jamboree Area (Boy Scout & Girl Scout)
  • Sari-Sari store
  • Mini Zoo
  • Kite Flying Area
  • Bench (i.e. steel bench, stone bench)
  • Agriculture Research Area (i.e. plant nursery, hydrophonics, soil laboratory, etc)
  • Government Offices
    • Bureau of Food and Drugs Satellite Office
    • Department of Education Office
    • TESDA Provincial Training Center


Barangay Apokon, Tagum City, Davao Del Norte


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