An office tower, also known as a commercial or office building, is a high-rise building that is primarily used for office space. Office towers typically have multiple floors and offer a range of office spaces for lease or rent to businesses, organizations, or individuals.

Office towers are often located in central business districts (CBDs) or commercial areas of cities and offer various amenities, such as elevators, air conditioning, security systems, and parking facilities. Some office towers may also have additional features, such as conference rooms, meeting spaces, or cafes.

Office towers are popular for their convenience and accessibility, as they provide businesses with a central location to conduct their operations and access important resources and services. They also offer opportunities for networking and collaboration with other businesses or organizations that may be located in the same building or vicinity.

As of 2023, the City of Tagum is home to low-rise office towers such as the Aspire Building, GSP Building, SP Building, Ramos Building, AC Building, MSM Building, RL Building, Naungayan Building, and many more.