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Baseball Bat – Tagum City

A baseball bat is a specialized piece of sports equipment used in the game of baseball. It is a smooth, cylindrical club made of wood or metal that is used by batters to hit the baseball thrown by the pitcher. The main purpose of the bat is to make contact with the ball and propel it into play.

Baseball bats come in different sizes and materials. Traditionally, wooden bats have been the most common and are typically made from ash, maple, or birch wood. They have a solid and dense construction, offering a traditional feel and sound when making contact with the ball.

In recent years, metal or composite bats have become popular, especially at the amateur and youth levels. These bats are made from materials such as aluminum alloy or carbon fiber composite. Metal bats tend to be lighter, more durable, and have a larger “sweet spot” compared to wooden bats, allowing for increased hitting power.

Baseball bats have specific regulations regarding their length, weight, and diameter, which vary depending on the league and level of play. For example, in Major League Baseball (MLB), the maximum allowed bat diameter is 2.61 inches, while in Little League, bats must have a maximum diameter of 2.25 inches.

It’s worth noting that the use of aluminum or composite bats is generally not permitted in professional baseball leagues like the MLB, where wooden bats are still the standard.



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