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Central Visayas Regional Athletic Association

Central Visayas Regional Athletic Association (CVIRAA)

CVIRAA stands for Central Visayas Regional Athletic Association. It is a sports association in the Philippines that organizes and oversees athletic competitions among schools in the Central Visayas region. CVIRAA is part of the larger Palarong Pambansa, which is a national multi-sport event for student-athletes from different regions of the country.

The CVIRAA aims to promote sports development and provide a platform for young athletes to showcase their skills and talents. It organizes annual regional sports competitions in various sports disciplines, including athletics, basketball, football, volleyball, swimming, and more. These competitions serve as qualifying events for participants to advance to the Palarong Pambansa, where they compete against athletes from other regions.

CVIRAA events foster sportsmanship, teamwork, and healthy competition among student-athletes. They also serve as an avenue for talent identification and the development of athletes who may have the potential to represent their region or the country at higher levels of competition.

The Central Visayas Regional Athletic Association plays an important role in promoting sports and physical education among students in the Central Visayas region. It provides opportunities for young athletes to pursue their passion for sports, gain valuable experience, and potentially open doors for further athletic achievements in their academic and professional journeys.



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