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Boat Charter – Tagum City

Boat charter is the act of renting a boat or yacht for a certain duration of time, which usually includes a captain or crew. This allows individuals or groups to have a personalized and private boating experience, either for recreational or commercial purposes.

The type of boats available for charter can vary widely, ranging from small motorized vessels to large luxury yachts. The specific terms and conditions of the rental agreement are typically outlined in a formal contract between the charterer and the boat owner or operator.

As of now, there are no boat charter services available in Tagum City, Philippines. However, one may check with local tour operators or travel agencies that may have connections with boat charter providers in nearby areas.

There are several boat charter services in the region that offer a variety of boats for rent, such as motorized boats, speed boats, and sailboats. These companies can also arrange customized tours and packages based on the customer’s specific needs and preferences. Some popular nearby boat charter services include Island Fun Boat Rental, Davao Gulf Boat Rental, Wave Runner Boat Service, and MTS Water Sports.

It is advisable to book in advance to ensure availability and to confirm the details of the rental agreement, including fees, insurance, and safety requirements.


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