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Tagum City River Cruise

River Cruise – Tagum City

Located in Barangay Liboganon along Tancuan Creek, the Tagum City River Cruise is a prominent tourist attraction in Tagum City, Davao Del Norte, Philippines. This initiative, which offers similar attractions to the Loboc River Cruise in Bohol, is part of the Ridge to Reef Program of the Provincial Government of Davao Del Norte and the City Government of Tagum, as spearheaded by its tourism office.

The Tagum City River Cruise provides a relaxing and picturesque journey along the Davao River, operated by the local government, and a distinctive approach to explore the city’s natural allure and learn about its history and culture.

As guests cruise along the river, they are treated to magnificent views of the surrounding forests, diverse wildlife, and traditional fishing communities. Cultural performances and presentations, which display the city’s rich heritage and traditions, are also part of the cruise.

Tourists may reserve their seats through the city’s tourism office or local tour operators. The tour typically lasts for 45 minutes to an hour, and the cost depends on the number of guests and the chosen package. Whether one is a nature enthusiast or a culture lover, the Tagum City River Cruise offers an excellent opportunity to experience the beauty and allure of Tagum City.


  • Floating Cottage and Restaurant
  • Motorized Banca
  • Mangroves along the river banks
  • Entertainment from local tribe – Kagans


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