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Melbourne (Australia) to Tagum City (Philippines)

If you’re travelling from Melbourne to Tagum City via Singapore and Davao City, here’s how you can make the journey:

  1. Melbourne to Singapore – You can fly directly to Singapore from Melbourne with airlines such as Singapore Airlines, Qantas, and Scoot. The travel time is approximately 8-9 hours.
  2. Singapore to Davao City – From Singapore, you can take a connecting flight to Davao City with airlines such as Philippine Airlines, SilkAir, and Scoot. The journey time is approximately 3-4 hours, with a layover in Manila or Cebu.
  3. Davao City to Tagum City – From Davao City, you can take a bus or taxi to Tagum City, which is approximately 1-2 hours away.

The total travel time can vary depending on the length of the layover in Singapore and Davao City, and the specific flight and transportation options chosen. It’s important to check with the airlines and transportation providers for the latest schedules, fares, and any relevant travel restrictions before booking your tickets.

Please note that due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, travel restrictions and entry requirements may apply. Therefore, it’s essential to check the latest information from the Australian, Singaporean, and Philippine government websites, as well as the relevant airline’s and transportation provider’s website before planning any travel.


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