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Saipan International Airport

Saipan (Northern Mariana Islands) to Tagum City (Philippines)

The journey from Saipan to Tagum City involves several flights and transit points. Firstly, you would need to fly from Saipan International Airport to an airport in a major city such as Manila, the capital of the Philippines. From there, you would take another domestic flight to either Davao International Airport or Francisco Bangoy International Airport, both of which are located in Davao City.

Once you arrive in Davao City, you can take a taxi or private vehicle to Tagum City, which is approximately a 45-minute drive away. Alternatively, you can also take a bus or van from Davao City to Tagum City.

It’s important to note that travel restrictions and requirements may vary depending on the current COVID-19 situation in both Saipan and the Philippines. You should check with relevant authorities and airlines for the latest information on travel guidelines, including testing and quarantine requirements.

Overall, traveling from Saipan to Tagum City can be an exciting adventure, allowing you to experience the diverse culture and natural beauty of the Philippines.



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