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Taoyuan International Airport

Taiwan (Chinese Taipei) to Tagum City (Philippines)

If you are planning to travel from Tagum City to Taipei (TPE), there are several options available to suit your budget and travel preferences.

One option is to take a flight from Davao City, which is the nearest major airport to Tagum City. Several airlines, such as Philippine Airlines, Air Asia, Singapore Airlines, and Cebu Pacific, offer connecting flights from Davao City to Taipei. Flight time is typically around 3-4 hours, but this can vary depending on the airline, the number of layovers, and the duration of each layover. Prices also vary depending on the season and how early you book your tickets.

Once you arrive in Taipei, there are several options for transportation to your final destination. You can take a taxi, bus, or train from the airport. The Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport MRT is a convenient and efficient way to reach Taipei City, and there are also shuttle buses available that can take you directly to your hotel or destination.


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