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Municipality of Matanao

Municipality of Matanao – Davao Del Sur

The Municipality of Matanao is a local government unit located in the province of Davao del Sur in the Philippines. It is situated in the southern part of Mindanao Island. Matanao is classified as a fourth-class municipality, which means it has a moderate income and is relatively smaller in terms of population and economic development compared to higher-classified municipalities.

It covers a total land area of approximately 129.6 square kilometers and is composed of 25 barangays (villages). Some of the barangays in Matanao include Balabag, Basak, Bato, Central, Datu Daligasao, Guihing, and Upper Katipunan, among others.

The municipality of Matanao is known for its agricultural activities, with farming and livestock production being the primary sources of livelihood for its residents. The area is rich in fertile soil, making it suitable for cultivating various crops such as rice, corn, vegetables, and fruits.

Matanao is also endowed with natural attractions, including hills, rivers, and waterfalls. One of the popular tourist spots in the area is the Kublai Millan White House, an art gallery featuring the works of the renowned Filipino artist Kublai Millan.

In terms of governance, Matanao is led by a mayor, vice mayor, and members of the municipal council, all of whom are elected by the residents. The local government unit is responsible for providing basic services and implementing programs for the welfare and development of the municipality.



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