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Municipality of Padada

Municipality of Padada – Davao Del Sur

Padada is a municipality situated in the southern part of Mindanao Island within the province of Davao del Sur, Philippines. Similar to Matanao, Padada is classified as a fourth-class municipality, denoting its moderate-income level and comparatively smaller population and economic development when compared to higher-classified municipalities.

Covering an approximate land area of 93.30 square kilometers, Padada consists of 21 barangays or villages, including Baga, Aplaya, Coronon, Kinangan, Kinarum, and Ompao, among others.

Agriculture plays a significant role in Padada’s economy, much like in Matanao. The municipality’s fertile soil supports the cultivation of various crops such as rice, corn, fruits, and vegetables. Additionally, coconut and banana plantations are common sights throughout the area.

It boasts abundant natural resources and scenic locations, including rolling hills, rivers, and waterfalls. Notably, Marawer Falls stands out as a popular tourist destination, featuring a picturesque waterfall enveloped by lush greenery and rock formations. Visitors can enjoy the refreshing and serene environment offered by the falls.

In terms of governance, Padada is led by a mayor, vice mayor, and members of the municipal council, all of whom are elected by the constituents. The local government unit bears the responsibility of delivering essential services and implementing programs aimed at promoting the overall welfare and progress of the municipality.

It is worth mentioning that Padada is categorized as a third-class municipality within the Province of Davao Del Sur. Its establishment was facilitated by Republic Act No. 1008, approved on June 12, 1954.


  • Almendras (Poblacion)
  • Don Sergio Osmena, Sr.
  • Harada Butai
  • Lower Katipunan
  • Lower Limonzo
  • Lower Malinao
  • N C Ordaneza District (Poblacion)
  • Northern Paligue
  • Palili
  • Piape
  • Punta Piape
  • Quirino District (Poblacion)
  • San Isidro
  • Southern Paligue
  • Tulugan
  • Upper Limonzo
  • Upper Malinao



Pedro F. Caminero Jr.


Francisco L. Guerrero Jr.

Lone District Representative

Mercedes C. Cagas

Municipal Councilor

  • Carmelo Delos Cientos IV
  • Tyrone Dela Cerna
  • Prince Amando Razonable II
  • Noel Depalubos
  • Darwin Gepitulan
  • Jundel Caminero
  • Jo-ann Razonable Roilo
  • Juwill Carpentero



  • Antonio Go Pace
  • Gregorio Matas
  • Isidro M. Ordaneza
  • Benjamin A. Saragena
  • Carmelo R. De Los Cientos III
  • Leonardo U. Pillerin (OIC)
  • Antonio N. Razonable
  • Pedro F. Caminero Jr.
  • Gladys A. Razonable-Gascon


  • Felix Brandares
  • Benjamin A. Saragena
  • Pascuala Dizon
  • Elpidio R. Pantojan
  • Margarito Mendez (OIC)
  • Antonio N. Razonable
  • Pedro F. Caminero Jr.
  • Alexander V. Morales
  • Francisco “Frashale” Guerrero Jr


  • Padada ABC gymnasium
  • Piape Hills
  • Piape Reef
  • Piape Marine Sanctuary
  • St. Michael Parish


  • Limonzo Elementary School
  • Piape Elementary School
  • Padada South Elementary School
  • Padada Central Elementary School
  • German Lanticse Elementary School
  • Lower Katipunan Primary School
  • Harada Butai Primary School
  • Don Sergio OsmeƱa Primary School
  • Mariano Sarona Elementary School
  • Padada National High School
  • Padada National High School-Malinao Extension
  • Carmelo C. Delos Cientos Sr. National Trade School
  • Maria Cleta R. Delos Cientos National High School – Piape
  • Tulogan Elementary School
  • ATO Padada Christian School
  • Saint Michael’s School of Padada
  • Southeastern College of Padada
  • Homepal Padada


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