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DTF Printing – Tagum City

DTF Printing is a textile printing technique using the new DTF (Direct Transfer Film) technology using a DTF Printer. It can be used to print on different types of textiles, garments, substrates, or tela like cotton, denim, polyester, silk, nylon, leather, and many more. The advantage of this printer is that you can use this to print on both black and white garments without the need for additional steps in the printing process.

Our company does offer DTF printing services for t-shirts, polo shirts, jackets, and any textile and garment products.


In the City of Tagum, there are no direct suppliers, however, nearby cities and regions have namely:

  • ES Print Media Davao
  • Touchart Davao
  • Davao DTF Prints
  • Inktech Printer Solutions
  • OneThread Davao
  • McLaud Philippines Technology


For details, do any of the following:

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