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Campaign Brochure

Campaign Brochures – Tagum City

To create a campaign brochure that complies with guidelines approved by the COMELEC (Commission on Elections) in the Philippines, it’s crucial to adhere to their regulations to ensure transparency and fairness during the campaign period.

Here are some guidelines and key elements to include in your campaign brochure:

1. Disclaimer:

  • Include a prominent disclaimer stating that the brochure is paid for by your campaign or political party.
  • Include your campaign’s official contact details.

2. Size and Format:

  • Ensure that your brochure adheres to COMELEC’s size and format guidelines.
  • Typically, brochures should be of a standard size and format for uniformity.

3. Legal Requirements:

  • Make sure your brochure follows all legal requirements set by COMELEC regarding campaign materials, such as size limitations and content restrictions.
  • Verify the allowed publication and distribution dates for campaign materials.

4. Candidate Information:

  • Include a clear and recent photo of the candidate.
  • Provide the candidate’s full name, including middle name and surname.
  • Include the candidate’s political party or coalition affiliation, if applicable.

5. Vision and Platform:

  • Outline your candidate’s vision for the position they are running for.
  • Summarize the candidate’s platform and key policy positions.
  • Emphasize the candidate’s commitment to public service and the constituents.

6. Key Campaign Messages:

  • Highlight the most important campaign messages and issues.
  • Be concise and clear in your communication.

7. Achievements and Qualifications:

  • Mention the candidate’s relevant qualifications, achievements, and experience.
  • Highlight any public service record or contributions to the community.

8. Endorsements and Supporters:

  • If applicable, include endorsements from reputable individuals or organizations.
  • Showcase testimonials or quotes from supporters.

9. Community Involvement:

  • Describe how the candidate plans to engage with and serve the community.
  • Mention any past or ongoing community initiatives.

10. Contact Information: Provide contact information for campaign headquarters or local offices. – Include website, social media, and email details.

11. Campaign Logo and Colors: Use the official campaign logo and colors consistently throughout the brochure.

12. Transparency: Be transparent about the source of campaign funds and expenditures, adhering to COMELEC regulations.

13. Visuals: Include high-quality images, graphics, and photos that enhance the brochure’s visual appeal.

14. Language and Tone: Maintain a respectful and positive tone in your messaging. Use a language understood by your target audience.

15. Compliance and Reporting: Keep records of brochure distribution and expenses. Comply with COMELEC’s reporting requirements.



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