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Scout Patches – Tagum City

Scout patches in the Philippines are a significant part of the scouting tradition and are used to recognize and commemorate various achievements, events, and ranks within the scouting movement.

Here are some common types of scout patches in the Philippines:

  1. Unit Patches: Unit patches represent the specific scout unit or troop. They typically feature the unit’s name, number, and sometimes their logo or emblem. These patches are worn on the right sleeve of the uniform.
  2. Council Patches: Council patches represent the local scouting council to which the unit belongs. These patches often feature the council’s name, logo, or emblem. Council patches are usually worn on the right sleeve of the uniform, below the unit patch.
  3. Rank Patches: Rank patches are earned by scouts as they progress through the various ranks within the scouting program. In the Philippines, the ranks typically follow the Scout Advancement Program, which includes ranks like Tenderfoot, Second Class, First Class, Scout Pursuivant, Scout Knight, Scout Herald, Scout Protector, and Scout Master. Rank patches are worn on the left sleeve of the uniform.
  4. Event Patches: Event patches are created for specific scouting events, such as jamborees, camporees, training courses, or special ceremonies. These patches are often designed to commemorate the event and may feature the event name, dates, and theme. Event patches are usually worn on the right pocket flap or on a patch blanket.
  5. Commemorative Patches: Commemorative patches are issued to mark significant milestones or anniversaries within the scouting movement. These patches may celebrate the founding of scouting organizations, national scouting events, or other important occasions. Commemorative patches can be worn on the right pocket flap or collected as keepsakes.

It’s important to note that the designs and specific usage of scout patches may vary among different scouting organizations and councils in the Philippines. The above examples represent common types of scout patches, but there may be additional patches or variations depending on the specific group or event.



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