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Seaoil – Tagum City

Seaoil is a Filipino-owned petroleum company and one of the leading providers of fuel products and services in the Philippines. Established in 1997, Seaoil has grown to become a prominent player in the country’s downstream oil industry.

Here are some key points about Seaoil:

  1. Fuel Products: It offers a range of high-quality fuel products, including gasoline and diesel, which are sold at their network of gas stations across the Philippines. They also offer other specialty fuels, such as gasoline blended with bioethanol (E10) and biodiesel (B2).
  2. Commitment to Quality: It is committed to providing fuel products that meet international quality standards. They place a strong emphasis on product quality and have established a reputation for delivering reliable and efficient fuels to their customers.
  3. Eco-Friendly Initiatives: It is known for its environmentally conscious initiatives. They were the first in the Philippines to introduce bioethanol-blended gasoline and biodiesel. By incorporating biofuels into its fuel products, Seaoil aims to promote cleaner energy alternatives and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.
  4. Retail Network: Seaoil operates an extensive network of gas stations strategically located throughout the Philippines. Their retail network provides motorists with convenient access to their fuel products and other services.
  5. Lubricants and Services: In addition to fuels, Seaoil offers a range of lubricants and greases for various automotive and industrial applications. They also provide additional services at their gas stations, such as car wash facilities and convenience stores.
  6. Corporate Social Responsibility: Seaoil actively engages in various corporate social responsibility (CSR) programs aimed at supporting education, health, and environmental initiatives. They have initiated projects to help local communities and promote sustainable development.
  7. Awards and Recognitions: Seaoil’s dedication to quality and innovation has been recognized with several awards and accolades over the years. They have received recognition for their efforts in sustainable practices and customer service.



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