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Graduation Toga

Graduation Toga – Tagum City

A graduation toga, also known as an academic gown or cap and gown, is a traditional attire worn by students during graduation ceremonies. It typically consists of three components:

  1. Gown: The gown is a long, flowing robe that is worn over regular attire. It is often black and made of durable fabric such as polyester. The style and design of the gown may vary depending on the educational institution and the level of education being conferred.
  2. Cap: The cap, also known as a mortarboard, is a flat, square-shaped hat with a tassel attached to it. It is usually black and worn on the head. The tassel is often placed on the right side of the cap and may be moved to the left side during the graduation ceremony to signify the conferral of the degree.
  3. Hood: The hood is a colored garment worn around the neck and shoulders, typically made of satin or silk. The color and design of the hood represent the academic field or degree being conferred. The lining of the hood may also indicate the colors of the university or institution.

Graduation togas are worn by students as a symbol of their academic achievement and signify their successful completion of a degree program. The specific style and requirements for graduation attire can vary among different educational institutions and countries.

Having a graduation toga is an important element that adds to the cherished memories when capturing a graduation picture with a frame.



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