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Komisyon sa Wikang Filipino KWF

Commission on the Filipino Language – Tagum City

The Commission on the Filipino Language (Komisyon sa Wikang Filipino or KWF) is an agency in the Philippines that is responsible for the development and promotion of the Filipino language. It was established by Republic Act No. 7104, also known as the “Commission on the Filipino Language Act,” which was signed into law on August 14, 1991.

Here are some key points about the Commission on the Filipino Language:

  1. Mandate: The main mandate is to undertake, coordinate, and promote research for the development, propagation, and preservation of Filipino and other Philippine languages. It is responsible for ensuring the enrichment and evolution of the Filipino language as the national language of the Philippines.
  2. Language Planning: The commission engages in language planning activities to promote the use of Filipino in various domains, including education, media, government, and public communication. It formulates policies, guidelines, and standards related to the use and development of the Filipino language.
  3. Orthography and Grammar: The commission establishes rules and guidelines for the correct usage, spelling, grammar, and punctuation of the Filipino language. It develops orthographic standards, dictionaries, and grammars to provide authoritative references for the language.
  4. Language Promotion: The commission actively promotes the Filipino language through various initiatives and programs. It conducts seminars, workshops, and conferences on Filipino language and culture. It also supports language-related research, publications, and projects that contribute to the advancement of the Filipino language.
  5. Language Research and Documentation: The commission conducts research and documentation of Philippine languages, including regional languages and dialects. It aims to preserve and promote linguistic diversity in the country.
  6. Collaboration: The commission collaborates with other government agencies, educational institutions, language experts, and language communities to advance the goals of language development and promotion. It works closely with the Department of Education and other entities involved in language education and policy.

It plays a crucial role in the preservation, development, and promotion of the Filipino language, which serves as a unifying language in the Philippines. Through its efforts, it aims to strengthen national identity and cultural heritage through language.



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