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Drifit Polo Shirt – Tagum City

Our company in Tagum City, Davao Del Norte creates drifit polo shirt using specialized fabric that efficiently wicks away moisture from the body. The fabric is usually composed of synthetic materials like polyester or nylon, and is treated with a special coating or finish to prevent water and sweat from accumulating.

These shirts are popularly worn by athletes and individuals who are engaged in physical activities since they help regulate body temperature, keeping them cool and dry while exercising. Apart from being functional, drifit polo shirt are also stylish and comfortable, making them suitable for everyday wear.

It is important to note that “dri-fit” is a trademark term owned by Nike, one of the largest manufacturers of dri-fit clothing. Nevertheless, other companies produce similar shirts with different trademarks or names.

Our company offers plain, full sublimation, or embroidered polo shirt that can serve as uniforms for your team or company. We take pride in our design, cut, and sewing expertise in producing high-quality polo shirts that meet your needs and specifications.



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