The printhead is a very delicate component of large format eco-solvent and solvent-based printers. It is the core component of a printer and without a printhead, a printer will not be a printer.

DX8 (also known as TX800) has a native resolution of 1440 dpi, 540 nozzles arranged in 6 lines of 90 nozzles. It has a firing frequency of 8kHz, a minimum droplet size of 1.5 picolitres, and a maximum droplet size of 21 picolitres.

The DX8 has different versions: locked or unlocked, water-based or oil-based, compatibility with inks (eco-solvent, sublimation ink, UV ink, or water-based inks).

This version of the Epson printhead is not readily available in the market and only few of these are manufactured. One of the downside for this printhead is that it will clog very easily.




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