Epson L3110 – Reset Procedure

The error message “A printer’s ink pad is at the end of its service life. Please contact Epson support.” normally appears when the printer requires maintenance after reaching the set limit for the printer. However, you still have the option to extend the life of the printer by resetting the printer to default settings including the counter which decides its lifetime.


Before you reset the printer to its default settings and counter, you must do all the following:

  • Turn off any installed antivirus
  • Cancel all print jobs


To reset the printer, you can do the following:

  1. Download the Epson L3110 Tools and Printer Driver at Media. Use this link:
  2. Extract the file and run the program Adjprog.
  3. The error window should appear with the Machine ID. Take note of the Machine ID since you will use that later.
  4. Run WLGen_Epson L3110.
  5. On the new window, click License Manager.
  6. Delete existing licenses.
  7. Click Add license.
  8. Provide any customer name and company name then copy the Machine ID into the Hardware ID field and click Save.
  9. Click Create License Key. It should successfully create a license key and will show the license key folder location.
  10. Look for the newly created license key folder and copy the files to the Epson L3110 multi pc folder. If it prompts you if you want to replace existing files, choose to replace all files.
  11. Run Adjprog, then click Select.
  12. Choose the right port, then click OK.
  13. Click Particular adjustment mode.
  14. Select Waste ink pad counter, then click OK.
  15. Click Main pad counter, then click Check. It should return the current point, and max point.
  16. Click Main pad counter, then click Initialize and click OK.
  17. Click Platen pad counter, then click Initialize.
  18. A Please turn off the printer message should appear. Click OK.
  19. That should be done.


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