Bislig Baywalk – Surigao Del Sur

Bislig Baywalk is a scenic promenade located in Bislig City, Surigao del Sur province, in the southern Philippines. The baywalk stretches along the coastline of Bislig Bay and offers visitors stunning views of the bay, its islands, and the surrounding mountains.

The Bislig Baywalk is a popular destination for tourists and locals alike, especially during the late afternoon and early evening when the sunset views are particularly beautiful. The baywalk is also a great spot for taking photos, strolling, and enjoying the sea breeze.

The Bislig Baywalk features several restaurants and food stalls that serve local cuisine and seafood dishes. Visitors can also rent bikes, go kayaking or boating, or take a dip in the bay. There are also several souvenir shops and vendors selling local handicrafts and products along the baywalk.

The Bislig Baywalk is just one of the many attractions in Bislig City. Other popular destinations in the area include the Tinuy-an Falls, the Enchanted River, and the Cabgan Island.


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