A jersey is a type of garment typically worn by athletes or sports enthusiasts during sporting events. It is a specific type of shirt that is often made of breathable and lightweight materials to provide comfort and ease of movement during physical activities.

Jerseys are commonly associated with team sports such as basketball, soccer, football, hockey, and baseball. They are designed to represent a particular team, with unique colors, logos, and player numbers displayed on the front and back. These features help identify and differentiate players on the field or court.

Jerseys are not limited to professional sports teams; they are also popular among fans who support their favorite teams or players. Fans often wear replicas of team jerseys to show their loyalty and enthusiasm.

In addition to sports jerseys, there are also fashion jerseys that take inspiration from the athletic design. These fashion jerseys may incorporate sports-inspired elements like stripes, numbers, or team logos but are typically worn as casual or streetwear.

Whether worn for practical or fashion purposes, jerseys have become an iconic symbol of sports culture, team spirit, and fan support. They play a significant role in connecting athletes, teams, and fans, fostering a sense of unity and identity within the sporting community.