Francisco Bangoy National High School (FBNHS) was founded in 1969 as a publicly-funded educational institution situated at Km. 9, Sasa, Davao City. Currently, the School Head is Rolando Capul, who holds MaEd and Jur.D degrees.

Originally established as the Barrio Extension High School of Davao City National High School in 1969, FBNHS later transformed into a Barangay High School in 1973 when it started receiving subsidies. Named after Francisco B. Bangoy, who generously donated the land for the school, it was subsequently converted into a national high school through Republic Act 6655.

FBNHS offers a K to 12 basic education program encompassing junior and senior high school levels, in accordance with the Department of Education (DepEd) resolution. The school provides Academic tracks and a Technical Vocational Livelihood (TVL) track for its senior high school education.


Grade 11

  • Original Report Card (Form 138)
  • Permanent Record (Form 137)
  • Certificate of Good Moral 
  • Photocopy of Certificate of Completion 
  • 2 pcs. 1×1 Colored ID picture 
  • Photocopy of NSO/PSA Birth Certificate 
  • Long Brown Envelope

Grade 12

  • Original Report Card (Form 138)
  • Photocopy of NSO Birth Certificate
  • Certificate of Good Moral



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